Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

Pupil funds and loans are meant for pupils who will be their studies at e.g. University college, college or vocational university. You can also apply for student grants and loans for studies at compulsory and upper secondary level at Komvux (adult education college) or folk high school if you are over the age of 20.

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Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

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The mortgage you have to pay off. You can easily decide to use entirely for the grant, if you fail to like to simply just take a loan out. The mortgage has a minimal rate of interest and will not need any safety, and you are clearly in a position to repay it over a any period of time. In 2019, the attention price is 0.16 %.

Size of funds and loans you can easily get

How big the funds and figuratively speaking you can receive depends e.g. On

  • Your rate of research (full-time or part-time)
  • The amount of months you will be learning for
  • The dimensions of your earnings.
Funds and student education loans, 2020 (examples for various amounts of days)


2 715

10 860

54 300

Other funds and loans you could make an application for

Some pupils can get more grants or borrow additional money.

  • You can apply for extra child allowance if you have custody of children under the age of 18.
  • For those who have worked in past times and received a specific minimal earnings, you are able to make an application for a additional loan. It is possible to receive this at the time of the 12 months you turn 25.
  • If you’re their studies at compulsory or top additional degree and satisfy particular conditions, you could receive a heightened grant aspect in your pupil See all amounts (Swedish)

In the event the earnings surpasses the income limitation

You might get earnings as much as a specific amount without your pupil funds and loans being impacted. The earnings limitation is determined per calendar half-year, January-June or July-December. When your earnings surpasses the income restriction, you’re not eligible to the level that is same of and loans.

The earnings restriction depends upon exactly how several weeks you’re learning for and whether you’re studying full-time or part-time. As an example, if you are likely to learning full-time with pupil funds and loans for 20 months in a calendar half-year, the income restriction is SEK 90 075. You can observe your revenue limitation into the choice you can get from CSN.

Demands and conditions

Different demands and conditions needs to be pleased to ensure that one to be eligible to student aid.

  • The training you will be going to must grant the entitlement to pupil finance.
  • You should be registered on your own courses.
  • Your studies needs to be at the www.speedyloan.net/payday-loans-ok least 50 percent of full-time and must continue for at the least three months.
  • You should be underneath the chronilogical age of 57. The entitlement to borrow decreases through the you turn 47 year.
  • You might not get specific other benefits in the exact same time as getting pupil funds and loans, such as for example task help, sickness advantage and introduction advantage.
  • It is possible to just get pupil funds and loans for a amount that is limited of. How long is dependent upon the scholarly training degree that you are learning:
    • University university, college or several other education that is post-secondary a optimum of 240 months
    • Upper additional level: a optimum of 80 or 120 months, dependent on your past training
    • Compulsory school degree: no more than 40, 80 or 100 months, based on your past training and just what you might be studying.
  • You must have satisfied the requirements as regards credits in order to receive new student grants and loans if you have previously studied with student grants and loans or an education entry grant. Certain requirements credits that are regarding dependent on which course you will be learning.
  • When you have unpa If you might be a international resident, additionally you want to satisfy special conditions to be entitled to Swedish pupil If you are a foreign citizen, you also need to satisfy special conditions in order to be entitled to Swedish student finance if you have unpa. You will usually be entitled to Swedish student finance if you have a permanent residence permit and live in Sweden.

    Because you have refugee status or similar, you are also usually entitled to Swedish student finance if you have received a temporary residence permit from the Swedish Migration Agency.

    In addition, various rules use dependent on regardless if you are a resident of a nation within or outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

    Application, research payment and assurance

    This is exactly what you shall should do:

    1. Ready your application. Find away your research times, Mina sidor (My Pages). Sign in with Mina sidor or in CSN’s application.
    2. Sign up for your courses. You can do this at your college.

    You may have the very first payment for the semester at that time once you begin learning. You may then get the re re payment from the 25th associated with the thirty days, ahead of time for every thirty days you will be learning. Should this be a week-end or a public getaway, you will definitely have the funds regarding the final weekday before this date.

    You can observe your instalments in Mina sidor. You can expect to ordinarily get pupil funds and loans for one month each right time you will get a repayment from CSN.

    F such a thing occurs or changes throughout your amount of research, it’s important that you receive the right amount for you to provide notification of the change so. Modifications might include you e.g.

    • Interrupting your studies
    • Learning for less credits than you’d prepared
    • Attempting to sell a property and receiving earnings over the free quantity.

    You also have to notify CSN in the event e.g. Of any changes to your residence permit, or in the event you or a person you are related to should stop working or have a reduction in working hours if you are a foreign citizen.

    It is possible to submit modification notification in Mina sidor or call us in a few other means. In you being paid more than you are entitled to, you will have to pay the additional funds back if you fail to report changes and this results. We’re going to check out the given information you’ve got supplied to CSN using the school’s information.

    In the event that you or your son or daughter becomes sick

    Additionally, it is essential to submit notification in the event that you need to be at home to care for a sick child if you become ill or. In this example, you’ll maintain your pupil funds and loans without these days being counted as having been utilized, and requirement regarding awarded credits is additionally paid down. Report disease to your Swedish Social Insurance Agency ( Forsakringskassan ) and care of a son or daughter to CSN.

    Repaying the education loan

    You will have to repay the loan if you choose to borrow money from CSN. You may be given re payment plan if it is time and energy to begin repayments that are making.

    Should this be the very first time you have applied for a education loan, you may begin repaying the mortgage during the earliest 6 months after getting the pupil help. You will not receive any such grace period if you have studied before and start studying again.

    The quantity you need to pay each 12 months depends e.g. On

    • Simply how much you have got lent
    • The amount of time you are going to be repaying your loan
    • The attention price.

    You are able to simply simply take no more than 25 years to settle your loan, also it should be completely paid back by the time you turn 60. You shall often pay only a little less in the beginning and much more at the conclusion. Needless to say, you are able to repay the mortgage faster if you would like.

    If you should be experiencing trouble along with your repayments, for instance because your income decreases, you are able to use to pay for back less for a specific time frame. CSN will likely then evaluate the application and discover whether you might be eligible to pay less.

    Make sure to ensure that CSN constantly has your proper target details. This might be a necessity.

    If a demand has been received by you

    That you were not entitled to, you have to pay it back if you have received money from CSN. In this full situation, you are going to get a need.

    Appealing against a determination by CSN

    If you think that CSN has already reached an incorrect choice, you can easily impress against it. CSN needs to be in receipt of the appeal within three months through the date by which you had been notified your decision.

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